Making the Star Trek Medbay a reality

Operating at the intersection of AI, Physics and Biology, Q Bio is working to automate the physical exam from data collection to triage and routing, to make preventive personalized healthcare available to everyone.

Healthcare is reactive and over capacity

In today's world, doctors are stretched thin, often lacking the time and comprehensive data for optimal patient care.

The question arises:

“How do we automatically prioritize doctors’ time when there aren’t enough doctors to see every patient every year?"

The physical of the future: the Gemini Exam

A streamlined comprehensive physical that combines lab tests, genetics, and vitals with advanced MRI insights. Our clinics, as cost-effective as setting up and operating a car wash, will conduct 20K exams annually, ensuring accessibility for all.

Your health's digital counterpart: the Digital Twin

With Gemini Exam data and your medical history, wearable, and lifestyle data, we create your Digital Twin, comprehensively mapping your health over time.

Proactive health forecasting via a Large Biological Model

Leveraging your Digital Twin, we forecast your health, evaluate risks, and direct you to your primary care provider, a specialist or schedule your next Gemini Exam.

Empowering doctors and prioritizing their time

Doctors will have more time to focus on those with risks identified during Gemini Exams and will have access to the Digital Twin and AI support for effective diagnosis and treatment.

Our technologies

Q Bio is developing three technology pillars that will ultimately be vertically integrated and combined with commodity vitals & biochemistry collection to enable Digital Twins and Large Biological Model-powered personalized health forecasts at population scale.

Partner with Q Bio

Partner with us to test Q Bio’s revolutionary Digital Twin and quantitative MRI technologies in your health system.

Gemini Platform partnership

A Gemini Platform partnership will empower you to offer your patients the most comprehensive view of their health and risks available today.

Partner with us
What you'll need:

Your own MRI hardware

Capacity to do the lab tests and gather vitals

Perform exam and review results with your patients

We will partner with you to seamlessly integrate data from the exam you perform and run our Anatomical Foundation Model, if you choose to partner with us to test it under a research protocol, to derive unparalleled quantitative data and insights from the MRI scans. This will be combined with your patient’s EHR, lifestyle and other data to create their Gemini Digital Twin Dashboard — the most comprehensive view of their health and risks available today.

Mark I partnership

The Mark I will be the fastest, most accessible full body scanner ever. Partner with us to test it in your health system under a research protocol upon its release.

Partner with us
Major benefits:

Unrivaled speed, collects 100x more data per minute — generate any contrast from one 10 minute scan

Integrated AI radiology tools, including our Anatomical Foundation Model

Autonomous, no highly skilled labor required to run any scan

75% cheaper, minimal special infrastructure and no shielded room required

Comfortable, you can sit, stand or lie down with no breath holds required

Quantitative, generates reproducible data optimized for machine interpretation

Preview the physical of the future today

We are piloting the Gemini Exam under a research protocol at our site in Redwood City, with more availability to come via Gemini Platform partners.

We collect blood, vitals and urine, and perform a whole-body MRI from which extensive quantitative data is derived by our Anatomical Foundation Model*. This is all seamlessly combined with your medical history, lifestyle and other data to create your Gemini Digital Twin Dashboard — the most comprehensive view of your health and risks available today.

The Gemini Exam combines current versions of our technologies with commercial MRI hardware to offer an early version of the physical of the future, today. The Gemini Exam at our research site is a demonstration of what those who work with us on a Gemini Platform Partnership can offer their patients.

Who we are

Our small but highly skilled team includes more than 35 PhD’s, MsC’s and MDs from world-class institutions and companies.

Our small but highly skilled team is composed of more than 35 PhDs, MScs, and MDs from world-class educational institutions and companies.

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