The Anatomical Foundation Model

The foundational AI model for whole body radiology.

Global radiologist capacity can't support population scale whole body MRI

Radiologists are already a scarce resource and current approaches will never scale to review population scale MRI. There are also significant differences in interpretations between radiologists and between the qualitative images generated by scanners, making longitudinal analyses from recurring exams challenging. We need a foundational AI model that automates the analysis, quantification and triage of comprehensive whole body scans to enable the optimal use of our global radiologist capacity and better support longitudinal analyses.

Number of radiologists per million inhabitants
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Amplifying radiologist capacity

The Anatomical Foundation Model (AFM) is learning to parse and identify all structures in a whole body scan based on their shapes and locations in the body – mirroring the foundations of a radiologists training. This approach means the AFM can be applied to other imaging modalities and can derive measurements that are less impacted by the subject breathing or moving, making them useful for longitudinal analyses unlike vision based approaches.

Once this foundation is built, the AFM will learn how to identify low risk scans without abnormalities. It will do this by detecting regions of interest, analyzing tissue properties and considering the broader Gemini Digital Twin context including prior scans, lab results, genetics, family and medical history. This will enable the intelligent routing of scans that need further review to the appropriate radiologist, making optimal use of their time and equipping them with quantitative data and insights to aid their interpretation. The AFM will learn from those interpretations to improve its routing and tune its analyses and outputs for specific diseases.

The AFM combines the pattern recognition that humans apply to interpretation with an ability to reason over more quantitative data than any single person could process at once. When applied to the multi-parametric quantitative data provided by Mark I’s TFM technology, the AFM’s analyses will be independent of image contrasts, features and textures, dramatically increasing their accuracy and unlocking truly consistent longitudinal tracking. In the context of the highly accessible recurring exams we envision, these quantitative and reproducible outputs that the AFM + Mark I provide will address the false positive concerns that exist with one off whole body MRIs today.

AFM v1 is available now under a research protocol as part of the Gemini Platform

The AFM v1* is available now under a research protocol as part of the Gemini Platform. It is already capable of parsing and understanding more anatomical structures and their properties with higher accuracy than any prior ML model. This includes over 350 anatomical measurements with over 90% accuracy, including detailed organ and muscle volumes, fat and iron distributions. We expect this to grow rapidly until it can measure and track all structures in the human body from a single scan.

Extensive muscle volumes, fat fractions, and bone densities derived from your MRI images by the AFM

Hundreds of detailed measurements for the functional, connectional and structural properties of the brain derived from your MRI images by the AFM

Tissue properties including liver fat fraction and iron quantification derived from your MRI images by the AFM

Monitor how your 3D whole body reconstruction changes over time

Turn on or off different AFM analyses like organs, fats, muscles and bones to focus on areas of interest

All AFM analyses can also be viewed in the traditional 2D format

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Partner with us to test Q Bio’s revolutionary Digital Twin and quantitative MRI technologies in your health system.

Gemini Platform partnership

A Gemini Platform partnership will empower you to offer your patients the most comprehensive view of their health and risks available today.

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What you'll need:

Your own MRI hardware

Capacity to do the lab tests and gather vitals

Perform exam and review results with your patients

We will partner with you to seamlessly integrate data from the exam you perform and run our Anatomical Foundation Model, if you choose to partner with us to test it under a research protocol, to derive unparalleled quantitative data and insights from the MRI scans. This will be combined with your patient’s EHR, lifestyle and other data to create their Gemini Digital Twin Dashboard — the most comprehensive view of their health and risks available today.

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The Mark I will be the fastest, most accessible full body scanner ever. Partner with us to test it in your health system under a research protocol upon its release.

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Major benefits:

Unrivaled speed, collects 100x more data per minute — generate any contrast from one 10 minute scan

Integrated AI radiology tools, including our Anatomical Foundation Model

Autonomous, no highly skilled labor required to run any scan

75% cheaper, minimal special infrastructure and no shielded room required

Comfortable, you can sit, stand or lie down with no breath holds required

Quantitative, generates reproducible data optimized for machine interpretation

Our technologies

Q Bio is developing three technology pillars that will ultimately be vertically integrated and combined with commodity vitals & biochemistry collection to enable Digital Twins and Large Biological Model-powered personalized health forecasts at population scale.