Gemini Digital Twin Platform

Synthesizing your digital twin and generating health forecasts.
Mobile Gemini Digital Twin Dashboard
Gemini Digital twin dashboard

What is Gemini?

Gemini is the first HIPAA compliant Digital Twin platform available today, designed to ingest any type of information about the human body. This includes genetics, biochemistry, imaging, quantitative anatomical data, vitals, wearable data, medical, family & social history and more. Gemini automatically structures this data, makes it searchable and intelligently summarizes it, highlighting your greatest risks.

With our Anatomical Foundation Model* built in, your Gemini Dashboard provides you with the most comprehensive view of your health and risks available today. Over time, Gemini will leverage your Digital Twin data to generate personalized health forecasts and recommendations for you and your doctor.

Gemini Dashboard overview

Your Gemini Dashboard will finally empower you with a comprehensive view of your health and how it’s changing.

Gemini's Summary page displays your profile, 3D whole body reconstruction and surfaces flagged biomarkers and imaging

AI powered search makes it easy to find relevant biomarkers or images for your search keywords or questions

Explore all 9 of your biological subsystems and the data within them by interacting with your 3D whole body reconstruction

Explore comprehensive biomarkers and imaging for all 9 of your biological subsystems

Your Gemini Dashboard summary, findings and search are all also available on mobile

Monitor how any of your MRI images and associated radiological impressions evolve over time

Monitor your biomarker values over time and view details and related biomarkers

Securely share your dashboard by email with your doctor or others and monitor or revoke their access at any time

Download any of your source lab reports or raw MRI images directly from your dashboard

All your images, biomarkers, and the ability to share your dashboard or download your data are also available on mobile

Large Biological Models: enabling personal health forecasts and AI health assistants

Comprehensive Digital Twin data at scale will finally enable us to build an accurate quantitative model of human biology – a Large Biological Model (LBM). With Digital Twin data as an input, an LBM will be able to probabilistically forecast future biological states for that Digital Twin profile.

This will enable our vision for the future where everyone has access to an annual exam that generates their Digital Twin and forecasts their health to automatically route them to the appropriate doctor, or schedule their next exam.

With LBMs, Gemini will ultimately be able to help you optimize your health and wellness. By reasoning over your Digital Twin data and using the LBM to simulate different scenarios, Gemini will be able to act as the ideal personal health assistant for you and your doctor.

Partner with Q Bio

Partner with us to test Q Bio’s revolutionary Digital Twin and quantitative MRI technologies in your health system.

Gemini Platform partnership

A Gemini Platform partnership will empower you to offer your patients the most comprehensive view of their health and risks available today.

Partner with us
What you'll need:

Your own MRI hardware

Capacity to do the lab tests and gather vitals

Perform exam and review results with your patients

We will partner with you to seamlessly integrate data from the exam you perform and run our Anatomical Foundation Model, if you choose to partner with us to test it under a research protocol, to derive unparalleled quantitative data and insights from the MRI scans. This will be combined with your patient’s EHR, lifestyle and other data to create their Gemini Digital Twin Dashboard — the most comprehensive view of their health and risks available today.

Mark I partnership

The Mark I will be the fastest, most accessible full body scanner ever. Partner with us to test it in your health system under a research protocol upon its release.

Partner with us
Major benefits:

Unrivaled speed, collects 100x more data per minute — generate any contrast from one 10 minute scan

Integrated AI radiology tools, including our Anatomical Foundation Model

Autonomous, no highly skilled labor required to run any scan

75% cheaper, minimal special infrastructure and no shielded room required

Comfortable, you can sit, stand or lie down with no breath holds required

Quantitative, generates reproducible data optimized for machine interpretation

Our technologies

Q Bio is developing three technology pillars that will ultimately be vertically integrated and combined with commodity vitals & biochemistry collection to enable Digital Twins and Large Biological Model-powered personalized health forecasts at population scale.